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Unique simple designs for your not so average, average person.

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Unique simple designs for your not so average, average person.

This is the story of a girl...

The girl, she was talented. She was artistic to say the least. Every time her hand took to paper, she created something beautiful. Praise from teachers, parents and friends was always a result of her drawings, paintings and artwork. Winning contests and prizes in her early childhood days. She even won tickets to the Ice Capades! She always felt she knew the way to the successful future she would have one day.

But then something happened... Somehow her mindset was damaged. Society kept telling her some words. Words that are meaningless on their own but put together destroyed her passion and led her astray. Those words were strong and embedded deeply in her brain. What a shame... The result of those words. She put her pencil away. Stored away to no longer see the light of day.

So what was she told? What were those words? Not so much words but a story was told. A story most of us know. It was the story of the 'starving artist'. In her head it had impact. It took over her creative mind and turned her world grey. You see, to her, this somehow meant, that she could not use her talent to pay the rent. Of course because artist starve, therefore can’t pay rent. Not being successful (or not paying rent) was not an option... So she put her pencil away, never to see the light of day. She took all her creativity and in her mind, she meticulously filed it away. And with that pencil away, completely led astray, she did what most would do and went to seek a new way.

Little did she know, her search would be extensive. The array of careers she would try to uncover, so vast she could barely remember. Finding another passion would be harder than imagined. She went from hair salon to pharmacy lab assistant, she dabbled in beauty, even took a course in aesthetics. For awhile, she even became a model and a makeup artist! But nothing could satisfy her inner creativity. So she then tried retail and sales, telemarketing and management. She still felt that void, even when she could perform, reach goals and succeed.

There was still something missing, something creating a void. So she thought perhaps it had to do with schedule. Schedule, yes! That was her problem! So she did what most would do and got a 9 to 5. She quickly excelled got promoted and was often praised for hard work well done.

So she would be happy, finally, right?

Well, things don’t always go as planned. She thought she was happy with lots going on other than work, she got married, had a baby (eventually 3!), she even moved across the country! The move was the final step, everything would be perfect, she even got the perfect job! She was still in an office, still doing customer service but the product and place she worked were amazing. She thought she'd finally found her dream job. She was content with her salary, she loved the co-workers, company, products and clients. She was learning so much in the realm of psychology, no place else, she thought she would ever want to be. She was living the dream, to say the least.

But that void, although it was gone, career-wise something was still off. She knew her interests, had found new passions. So many times, she tried to grow them, and find ways to expose them. She had so much wisdom but was self-inflicting so much criticism.

She still had yet to pick up that pencil again...

Completely forgetting about her youth, her passions, taken over with pain. Pain from when her dreams were crushed by the lie. The 'starving artist' lie. The lie that she was taught, the belief she created and then held onto with all the energy she had.

But her story continues and it does end well...

Through her soul searching she was reborn and her old young self she rediscovered. She started to listen to her inner self, her inner wisdom.

She was finally in alignment. Synchronicities started to present. They were endless, ever-present. Everywhere she went, the signs and symbols, she could see them. So she went home and picked up a pencil and that’s when it happened...

Through her endless synchronicities, she created Endless Synchronicities!

It was just a merch shop at first, until she realized the potential impact of a title. The endless synchronicities were more than she intended. She realized the impact of creation. So she came back to write this last paragraph to see if this will happen...

She became healthy, got through her boundaries, released her fears, had all her family needed and was happy living her best most radiant bright successful life and was finally able to be best herself.

Update: Endless Synchronicities became Potentially Endless Synchronicities...